• The player spawns with the ability and a ranged area to which a planet can be attracted to.
  • It is an infinite runner style game if player exits the screen game over.
  • if the player hits a black hole game over.

Visual Style

  • outer space high speed
  • twinkling stars
  • and black holes sucking light
  • flat material design style planets


based on game states there are 3 states

  • Main-Menu with instructions
  • Main Game
  • GameOver and score.



These includes mouse position based and range system to control the player


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It was a little awkward handling the ship at first, but very easy to get the hang of. I liked the *extremely* specific distance score. Nice job!  

Thank you :P
Basically the point of this game was to keep it under 13kb YES Kb i barely made the mark XD so could not add more  code to round it up and all as it was a uni project 

You're welcome. Wow, that's crazy! The whole thing could fit on some ancient computer.

Hahah XD yes ! 
thank god for easy stuff!
anyway i should be making 1-2 games a month with my friends with varying categories so it would be nice if you could follow me :P you know check out more.  

No problem, happy to follow back! I'm hosting a jam in October if you'd like to have an excuse to make a small game!